Evil-Eye Bracelet Checklist

A traditional belief in many cultures, evil eye beads have been popular as a means to ward off negative energy. Even today, the evil eye symbol is considered to be a protection against ill-intentions and malicious stares. Typically, the design of an evil eye symbol comprises an eye on a dark blue background. The concept has been utilised in the form of different jewelry items and wearables. Evil eye bracelet is one of the most common jewelry items that is popular among people. However, for first time buyers, buying evil eye bracelets can be intimidating.

Below are certain points to consider while buying evil eye bracelets.


Similar to other pieces of jewelry, the quality of evil eye bracelets is one of the first elements you should focus on. Buying good quality bracelets ensures the longevity of the product you are paying for. Premium quality bracelets also establish the credibility of any jewelry item, including bracelets. The build and finish of the bracelets are maintained when you prioritise the quality.

Store and Jeweler Reputation

The profile of the jeweler is as important as the jewelry itself. Buying from a reputed jeweler has more advantages than you may know. Besides being an authentic and assured source, reputed brands can guarantee product and service quality. Qualified jewelers and popular brands can also recommend and refer to the kind of evil eye gold bracelet that will be fit for you.

Crisanto Jewels is one of the finest jewelry stores offering designer evil eye bracelets for women and kids. Crafted with care by expert designer Bharti Bangur, the store offers exclusive designs of evil eye jewelry in Kolkata.


Evil eye jewelry comes in several colours, besides the typical shades of blue. Wearable and trendy, evil eye bracelets are available in a range of hues - signifying different purposes. For instance, orange colour attracts happiness while offering general protection. Red evil eye beads bring courage, enthusiasm and energy while shielding from fears and anxieties.

Dark and light green colours are associated with good health and balance in your life. The colour white offers protection against clutter and obstructions, and attracts purity and focus. Although the colours have their own significance and purpose, you can wear them to accentuate and accessorise your outfits too!

Authenticity and Purity

When it comes to buying jewelry items, the originality of the piece is an essential parameter. Before you buy evil eye bracelets, know about the authenticity of the beads. Additionally, determine the purity of the base metal too. The purity of gold and silver can be determined by the standardised parameter of hallmark. Since metals such as gold and silver cannot be judged with bare sight, the stamp of hallmark is important.


Buying a unique piece of jewelry is more than just making the purchase. Several pieces of jewelry require proper maintenance to keep the original quality intact. Without the necessary upkeeping, many jewelry pieces can lose their charm and luster. Purchasing a fine evil eye bracelet with intricate designs will require periodical maintenance. If you are committed to do the routine maintenance procedures, you can opt for glass and intricately designed pieces of evil eye bracelets.


It is uncomfortable to find your bracelet slipping up and down your arm. Choosing the right bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly is the key. While it may be difficult to choose evil eye bracelets with such precise measurements online, you can take reference from offline stores as well. You may opt for adjustable bracelets to keep its position intact.


Before you buy your piece of jewelry, assess the wearability factor. Depending on the quality, strength and build, you can decide on the wearability. Typically, an evil eye bead can be an amalgamation of molten glass, copper, iron, salt and water. If you plan on wearing the bracelet on a regular basis, you can opt for clay or stone versions. It is best to evaluate the weight and the comfort of the item on your skin before you finalise the purchase. Intricately designed products such as an evil eye gold bracelet will be perfect if you are looking for accessories for occasional wear.

The purpose of buying evil eye bracelets is the first thing you must decide. Also, it is best if you assess the compatibility of the bracelet, when worn with other bracelets. Explore the variety of unique designs and base metals to find exceptional pieces of evil eye bracelets, to understand what suits you the best.

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