Jewellery Gift Ideas for Women

Gifts are a tangible way of showing your care and affection towards another individual. Behind every gift, there is an emotional connection between you and the receiver. Gifts of any kind can bring a smile on the face of the person receiving it. Thoughtful and well planned gifts are enough to make someone’s day better. Jewelry, in particular, makes wonderful tokens of memory and are an exceptional way to deepen relationships. This article suggests the top ideas, if you are looking for jewelry gift for women in Kolkata.

Minimalist Jewelry

Popular among the younger folk, minimalist jewelry items are ideal for gifting purposes. Small & dainty pieces of earrings, bracelets and rings are perfect to team up with everyday wear and casual outfits. In case you get overwhelmed by many choices when it comes to picking a jewelry item, minimalistic pieces make the job easier for you. With tiny studs and designs, it is not only easy to pick but also preferred by women who are not comfortable wearing heavy ornaments. In fact, less metal and semi-precious stones make them affordable gifting items for any occasion. 

Evil Eye Jewelry 

Traditionally believed to be a charm to protect near & dear ones against misfortune, evil eye jewelry is still popular among many people. Because of their versatility, evil eye jewelry makes excellent presents. Pendants, rings and earrings with the evil eye design are not only minimalistic but also fashionable enough to pair with casual wear. Gifting an evil eye jewelry item to someone will not only make them happy but also let them know how deeply you care! 


Even though many people have the view that bracelets have gone out of style, the truth is, it has not. Bracelets make an elegant gifting item for grand occasions such as engagements and weddings. Dainty bracelets made from gold and silver enhance any outfit. If you are willing to go extravagant, diamond bracelets can definitely be the gift to make your lady feel extra special. Diamond tennis bracelets too add a bling factor to any dazzling outfit. 

For any special event or occasion, heavy or stone-studded bracelets are ideal pieces to be given as gifts. If you are looking for jewelry gift for women online, look for bracelets which can be paired with other bracelets in a mix and match combination. Beaded bracelets paired with tiny charms are also preferred by many women who like to make a statement while keeping it simple. 

Lightweight gold and silver chains

Chains are one of the most worn accessories by people, irrespective of their gender. When it comes to women, most prefer the idea of wearing a lightweight and sleek chain around the neck. From simple to unique designs, you also have the option of exploring through plenty of styles that stand out. Also, look for chains with a tiny pendant or locket that signifies her interests. In fact, you can even opt for customised designs or initials of names as pendants. For family weddings and birthdays, gold and silver chains make quality and value-added gifts.  

Customised Enamel Jewelry

With the base of a metal and fused powder coating on top, enamel jewelry is the new fad. Enamel stud earrings, neckpieces, bangle bracelets, rings and pendants have emerged as some of the newest trending accessories. With vibrant colour and design options, you can pick one that resonates with the recipient of the gift. The find for jewelry gift for women in Kolkata is made easier with Crisanto Jewels. A one-stop store for fine and unique jewelry products, you can explore a wide range of designer enamel jewelry pieces here.

Classy Earrings

Typically one of the most common gift ideas when it comes to jewelry, you can never go wrong with earrings. Classy and exquisite earrings with tiny dangling charms can complete most ethnic and western wears. For women who are more comfortable wearing bigger accessories, you can choose from a range of single drop as well as long dangling earrings. Well, if the recipient is open to experimenting with newer fashion accessories, ear cuffs can be a unique gifting option. From plain and minimalistic ones to diamond-studded cuffs- your gift can stand out in terms of the uniqueness factor. 

With varied options for stunning jewelry gift for women online, you are spoilt for choices. Before you pick a jewelry, it is best if you know the style preferences of the person you are buying for.  Moreover, jewelry is more than just a gift. Due to the timelessness factor, many people find sentiments attached to pieces of jewelry.

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