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Must Have Unique Fashion Jewellery

A look is often incomplete without the right accessories. Round the year and throughout all occasions, jewelry is an intrinsic element that pulls a certain look together.

For people who love to sport trending jewelry pieces, fashion jewelry is ideal. Also known as costume jewelry, these jewelry items are perfect to pair with both ethnic and western apparel. Lightweight and fashionable, gold-plated jewelry is often included within the category of fashion jewelry. For instance, gold earrings for weddings also come within the umbrella of fashion jewelry. In this guide, we discuss the must-haves of fashion jewelry to keep your wardrobe updated.


Earrings are among the most worn accessories by both men and women. Existing in a wide variety of designs and sizes, earrings are often the most popular among fashion accessories. Earrings made from gold, silver and platinum with classic designs should definitely be a part of your jewelry collection. Gold plated hoop earrings add a statement to any outfit they are paired with. Bold and dangling earrings, to the length of your shoulder or midway, can ramp up your look.Edgy and chic, solo earrings instantly take the style quotient to a new level. A new fad— symmetrical and asymmetrical earrings are guaranteed to transform you into a stunner. Classy pearl and colourful statement earrings are some of the other trending must-haves for your wardrobe! For regular wear and usage, funky and minimalistic studs fit the purpose.


Neckpieces add a great amount of value to apparel, especially ones with wider necklines. Sleek chains with tiny charms give off an aesthetic appeal, especially when paired with western casualwear. Glass beads and agates often add a zest of fun and colour in the neckpieces. Contemporary styling suggests the pairing and layering of several sleek layers of chains to create a different look every time. Custom gold jewelry moulded in the form of gorgeous necklaces are an indispensable part of the jewelry box for most women. Ideally paired with golden earrings, necklaces bring about a ‘wow’ element to an outfit.


Besides watches, bracelets are similar pieces of ornaments that enhance the appearance of your arms. Among the must-haves are sophisticated diamond-studded ones, or the elegant gold or silver-plated bracelets. Opt for light and slim bracelets with charms while going out for a casual outing. On the contrary, you may want to go for heavier bracelets adorned with precious or semi-precious stones for invitations to weddings or anniversaries.Traditional festivities like Dhanteras, Rakhi and Akshaya Tritiya too call for heavy bangles to complement the gorgeous outfits. Gold bracelets are often designed to match necklaces and gold earrings for weddings. Letter bracelets are among some of the quirky bracelet options to make you feel lively and youthful.


If you are looking for something that is visually captivating and accentuates your outfit, bangles are the ones to look out for. With a range of varieties available, bangles come in wooden, gold and silver plated as well as in brass forms. Since bangles are a must with ethnic outfits, having a couple of variants will keep you event-ready always! From costume jewelry to classic precious and semi-precious stones, bangles are a graceful way to embrace the ethnic culture.


Rings are a part of almost every culture of the world. Worn by wearers across the world for varied reasons, rings are often adorned to add charm to fingers and toes. Often worn for astrological reasons, rings have become a common accessory in contemporary times. Precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds are some of the most common embellishments added to rings. Stacking multiple rings is another alternative way of donning this dainty piece of jewelry.If you believe in warding off negative energy with Evil Eye beads in your rings, Crisanto Jewels is just the place for you. A one stop-shop for the finest of luxurious jewelry items, the store has an exclusive range of custom gold jewelry as well.


Chains are often not all you need to pump up your outfit. Drawing attention to your dress’ gorgeous neckline or collar bones, pendants can make you stand out even in the simplest of your looks. Pendants elevate the beauty of chains even further. The type of a pendant that you flaunt can depend upon the occasion or mood. To accentuate a casual look or for a regular day at work, you can opt for a smaller minimalistic stone or diamond pendant. Bigger and heavier pendants are better suited for events like weddings and anniversaries.

Jewelry is not only an accessory, but an emotion to many. From wanting to appear distinct from others, to adorning oneself, the importance of jewelry is plentiful.

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